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Our first choreographer for workshops this saturday is….

NORBERT REYES of UFP and The Mooks (Check them out in this video!)

Norbert was a relatively late bloomer with dance, starting at the age of eighteen after auditioning for Fr3sh Juniors in December of 2007 without prior training (save a couple of cotillions in his high school years).  He was first exposed to dance after Carlo Badiola (a former artistic director of Fr3sh) choreographed his cousin’s cotillion and shared video’s of Gen2’s performance at Bustagroove 2005, Vibe, and Body Rock ‘06.  He was immediately inspired and began researching other choreographers and styles of dance to familiarize himself with what the world had to offer.  After training with Fr3sh Juniors, he had the privilege  to dance with Fr3sh Dance Company in 2009 until the Dance Troupe disbanded in 2010.  In the meantime, Norbert and several other members of Fr3sh Juniors began a “side project” known as the Mooks in 2008 which has been a major success in terms of dancing and performing shows that the audience would enjoy.  Norbert was also a member of Project D Dance company in 2010-2011, Upak and Ladies with Guns in the summer of 2011, and currently dances with UFP Dance Company and Mooks.  With this dance experience he has had the privilege and blessing to perform throughout the east coast, Toronto, and San Francisco in shows such as: World of Dance NY, Prelude East Coast, Fusion: Elements Dance Competition, Funkanometry SF’s Sockhop, Sybarite and many more.  He considers all of these people throughout his time dancing as a second family to him and a vital part to his continual growth as a dancer.  He believes taking classes from dancers of many backgrounds and styles has been most instrumental to his growth and is something he grows more and more passionate about.  He hopes to teach classes that would help both himself and peers to further discover how they can connect with their bodies and the music.

Come learn choreography from Norbert along with our other 2 choreographers (Michael Danila & Marwin Lustre) this saturday!

Check out the facebook event for more info!