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Our 2nd choreographer for workshops this Saturday is….

Check out footage from his NERDZ workshop!

Michael Danila has proven to himself that he is a man capable of making things happen. He strongly believes that with the right work ethic and the right mindset, you can make anything happen in life. Being able to know that he can impact a stranger with his work ethic and talent is probably the biggest importance of his life. As a dancer, Michael strives not only to be the best, but to also make a difference in the lives of many. Dancing is his medium of showing dancers and non-dancers that if you’re able to make it on the dance floor, then you are able to make it anywhere in life. With only a handful of knowledge, Michael set an ambition to be amongst his biggest inspirations in the dance community. He is currently an alumnus of NERDz Dance Troupe and a current member of RAPS Dance Troupe. He has performed at many prestigious events such as Fr3sh’s Main Event, World of Dance New York, Prelude, Fusion’s Elements XI and XII, and Rhythmology’s Defining Rhythm. He has also performed locally with RDT at Rutgers University and NJIT. He continues to train himself in all aspect of dance in hopes that he will one day fulfill his deepest aspirations of becoming a dancing-nurse.

Come learn choreography from Danila along with our other 2 choreographers (Norbert Reyes & Marwin Lustre) THIS saturday!

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